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Mentoring 2 Work, or M2W, saw us partnering with COTA- Council on the Aging WA to provide mentors to be matched with young adults wanting to enter or re-enter the work force.

This was an exciting, tailored learning support pathway guiding young adults aged 18 to 25 years to enter or re-enter the workforce through the experienc of a volunteer mentor with extensive current or recent industry experience and real world networks.

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About the program

Developed and led by our community partner COTA WA, Mentoring 2 Work is based on an ecosystem of interconnected and co-operative organisations that place the young person at the centre and are willing to assist them to learn essential life skills, develop job readiness skills and build the confidence to successfully secure and maintain employment.

The young adult, their mentor and the M2W team completed a Learning and Career Support Pathways tool kit that  helped the young adult create their customised career map giving direction to the kind of learning and support they  needed from their M2W partners and other organisations.

By the numbers:

254 Applicants recieved from Young Adults.

168 Young Adults commenced- all on a voluntary basis.

72 Young Adults paired with voluntary Mentors.

55 job commencements for Young Adults during the Toolkit and mentoring phases of M2W.

32 study commencements for Young Adults during the toolkit and mentoring phases of M2W




Feedback from the young adults

“Being able to be heard and seen and have my own journey recognised”

“Confidence: before I felt I wasn’t worthy of a proper job and didn’t deserve one. I do deserve a job and now I know how to get one and how to go out and take it!”

“Before M2W I felt getting work was unattainable: I wasn’t smart enough, or good enough. I felt I wasn’t worthy of a job”

“I was directionless. M2W gave me structure and direction”

“Before I was afraid and disorganised. It has given me motivation to keep me focused on my goal”

“I realise that I can do things on my own”

Feedback from the Mentors

“A very rewarding experience”

“(The) Calibre and level at which the program was organised and executed was beyond my expectations”

“This is a must have program that would benefit a lot of young adults!”

“My mentoring went exceptionally well and my mentee has gained a lot of confidence and job readiness”

“By giving my background information to help me make an informed decision as to whether I thought we would be a good match”

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Mentoring 2 Work was bought to you by the Council on the Aging WA and is supported by Try, Test and Learn Fund – an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Other program partners include:

Make a difference. Live United.


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