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Good health is vital to a happy and empowered life however, our community is facing a myriad of increasing issues that create a barrier to achieving health goals. Good health depends not only on access to quality health care services, but an understanding of healthy lifestyle choices and the opportunity to live in an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle. Health is not just an individual issue but a community problem, with health care and related costs rising and a growing number of citizens becoming stuck in a cycle of disadvantage.

With a growing and aging population, inequality in health outcomes or access to services and rising health care costs, Australia is suffering a National health crisis. Health care is consistently the biggest cost in every state’s budget and despite increasing investment, health indicators are not improving – with results such as; an estimated 50% of West Australians living with a chronic condition; two thirds of adults obese or overweight; an estimated two million adults having pre-diabetes; one in five people living with a diagnosed mental health condition; and suicide now being the highest cause of death in young people.

Re-Engaging in Community

Supporting people after homelessness the Re-Engaging in Community program works with RUAH and Uniting Care West. This a mentor support program to help people who have previously experienced homelessness integrate back into the community through a buddy system. Human connection is vital to a happy and successful life, and having the right support is vital to mental and physical well-being. Supported by Lotterywest  the program is now recruiting volunteers with understanding, patience and empathy email us to find out more.


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What we do

United Way WA is dedicated to building a healthier and happier community by promoting healthy, active living. We support and deliver a range of programs designed to assist people living in disadvantage focusing on areas such as: understanding nutrition and healthy family choices; managing a household and food budget; and increasing physical activity and community engagement. We also work with a range of organisations that work across these areas addressing issues of domestic violence, mental health and homelessness.

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Happy Healthy Families

Developed in collaboration with community partner CLAN Midland, Happy Healthy Families is an 8-week program that supports participants to move from processed and packaged foods to whole foods, while developing the skills and information to provide adequate nutrition for their families. Participants are coached through cooking sessions, household food budgeting and information on physical and wellbeing activities for their families. Through an ongoing combination of funding, resources, training and staff support, United Way WA are pleased to support the delivery of this program though CLAN Midland.

FAST and Baby FAST

FAST is an evidence based, early intervention and prevention program that helps children succeed by empowering parents, connecting families, improving the school climate and strengthening community engagement. Baby FAST is a specifically multi-generational program for young parents with children 0-3 and their own parents that supports the adults in their new roles, connecting the family with peers and a wider community. United Way WA is proud to have been involved in these programs with community partner CLAN Midland for over 15 years, through a combination of funding, resources, training and staff support.

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