QV1 Urban Descent Fundraiser

We are so grateful to our brave leader, newly appointed UWWA Chair, Libby White, who has taken a leap of faith and signed up for this year’s QV1 Urban Descent 😱

Libby will take the hair raising 160m plunge from Perth’s highest single pitch building, to raise funds for United Way WA’s 4 fantastic community programs:


Survivors of family and domestic violence face considerable challenges in rebuilding their lives after leaving the relationship. E4E assists in preparing survivors to enter or re-enter the workforce, increasing confidence, and supporting their financial stability for the future.


This program is a buddy system, designed to support people who have experienced homelessness, are now re-homed but struggling to go out and explore their community. Volunteers join a participant, helping to explore their new community and discover hobbies and interests, helping to create new goals towards a healthier future.


With youth unemployment at an all-time high, M2W is a proven and structured program, matching experienced mentors with young adults who are struggling to enter or re-enter the workforce. Led by our community partner COTA Western Australia


Will be launching in the next few months and focuses on finding volunteer opportunities and future job prospects for women exiting the prison system.

Help Libby reach her goal and support these life-changing programs by donating HERE.

Libby recently retired from her executive role at Alcoa, and has taken up the position of Chair for United Way WA, following the great efforts by previous Chair, Julie Keene.

Want to know more about our new Chair? Check out her insightful interview by Work180 on how to navigate career crossroads as a woman in the workforce, whilst also raising a family https://au.work180.co/blog/how-to-navigate-career-crossroads

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