Community Partners

Supporting the community is the very purpose of our existence. Engaging our corporate partners we work in collaboration to empower our community partners with resources, skills, volunteers, grants, donations and program development.

“It has enabled us to extend our service delivery by providing additional programs and projects.”

Capacity Building

This fee for service model gives smaller, less resourced not for profits the opportunity to utilise skills and consultation without having to employ staff or use above budget consultants. Our in-house skills can support your organisation’s ability to build capacity, profile and fund raising outcomes. This capacity building model can be tailored to fit your organisation’s need and can include grant applications, marketing planning, financial reporting, volunteer recruitment strategy and operations as well as event organisation.



CLAN Midland

CLAN Midland is a not for profit, community based, family support service successfully providing support to enhance skills and the quality of the home environment for parents and families with children under the age of 18 years. CLAN Midland has been a key Community Partner for a number of years over which time we have helped develop and fund programs, supporting initiatives in early literacy, health and nutrition. Examples of programs we produce together include Happy Healthy Families and Read Play Grow.

The Dyslexia SPELD Foundation

DSF Literacy and Clinical Services provides a range of services to enable children and adults with specific learning disabilities and difficulties to realise their greatest potential. We provide much needed funding for DSF’s Boost program, allowing them to run in selected under resourced primary schools and early learning centres throughout WA. This vital program supports parents and carers to address literacy issues in their own children through practical workshops and easy to use take home kits full of resources and games. We also run corporate volunteering days dedicated to making the resources needed for their various programs.

People Who Care

People Who Care is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation providing vital community care and practical support services for the elderly, people with a disability and socially isolated. We organise specialised volunteering days to assist the needs of PWC clients in several ways. Firstly, we run regular roast luncheons at PWC’s community centre, providing all of the food and volunteer cooks who also enjoy sitting down and socialising with clients. We are also garden transformation specialists, bringing in large teams of volunteers to tackle unruly gardens for those no longer able to use their yards safely.

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