Community Garden Open for Summer

Troughs with plants at the 54 connect Community garden

Our new Community Garden, 54 Connect!

This community garden is designed as a communal space where we can all sit, read, chat and harvest thoughtfully or plant for others. It is always open to the public and we encourage our neighbours and community to stop by and enjoy the garden whenever they can.

We officially opened this new community space on Tuesday 20th August 2019 with a beautiful garden party celebrating with friends, volunteers, supporters and neighbours. This project was a wonderful example of what we can achieve when we #LiveUnited, as we all worked side by side in breaking ground, planting, mulching and growing.

People sitting, reading, chattting and harvest thoughts in the community garden.
Community garden
Tim looking at the community garden plants
54 Connect Community Garden Launch party

“It’s been a very nurturing and encouraging project to be part of. While lots of work projects can throw up issues and challenges, this has stood as something that has been productive, fun, creative and cohesive.”

As an organisation dedicated to empowering all Western Australians to live a happy, healthy life, we couldn’t be more proud to bring this wonderful space to life. Community Gardens have an amazing list of benefits from helping relieve stress and encouraging wellness, to providing social opportunities to build a sense of belonging to encouraging environmentally sustainable local food production. Our hope is to bring all of these benefits and more to the residents and friends of our little corner of Perth.

Kath and others launching the party
54 Connect Community Garden Perth

Five women smiling and dining at the 54 Connect Community Garden

“Together we can develop beautiful spaces where we can connect or simply sit quietly.”

2 girls wearing the fund granters tshirts at 54 Connect Community Garden Perth

Our Community Garden is proudly funded by a generous grant from the Department of Communities and supported by our friends Andy Harold, Greg Taylor, Alcoa, Bankwest, Shalom House and Moonure.

Photos in this article courtesy of Lewis Hallam.


Rikki is a fundraising, marketing and community engagement guru.

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