Frequently Asked Questions

What is United Way?

United Way is a global network of 4000 independent, not-for-profit organisations in 47 countries with no religious or political affiliations. It started 130 years ago in Denver, Colorado and today it is recognised as the number one charity in the United States of America. Each year, United Way raises over $7 billion globally. United Way has been active in Australia since 1953 and in Western Australia since 1986. The organisation distributes over $7 million to community groups in Australia each year.

Why does Western Australia have a United Way?

We often hear how business is booming in Western Australia. Yet not all Western Australians are sharing the prosperity. Many in the business community would like to assist but they are time-poor and need to focus their resources on their core business. United Way was introduced to Western Australia by a group of businesspeople as a convenient, time-effective, cost-effective way for businesses to help the wider community. All the screening, organising and back-office work is done by United Way WA.

How is the money raised?

Most of United Way WA's fundraising in Western Australia is done by the management and employees of our Corporate Partners.

There are three main programs:

  • Corporate Volunteering - a program where teams of employees from our Corporate Partners volunteer for a specific project at a local community organisation, such as painting, gardening or mentoring.
  • Workplace Giving - an accredited Australian Tax Office program where employees make a donation from their pay and receive an immediate tax deduction.
  • Seeing is Believing - a program where visits are arranged to or from community organisations so employees can hear first hand about a community issue and see how their donations are being used to help.

In addition, there is a variety of other ways that United Way WA Corporate Partners raise money for these programs. These include:

  • Holding special fundraising events in the workplace such as casual dress Fridays;
  • Adopting and funding special projects;
  • United Way's corporate donations program where Corporate Partner organisations make substantial annual lump sum donations; and 
  • Donations from individuals.

Who gets the money?

The money is distributed on a needs basis to the charities and programs on United Way WA's list of Community Partners. Many of these are grassroots not-for-profits that would struggle in the crowded fundraising sector without the help of United Way WA.

United Way WA seeks out projects that:

  • Promote successful children and youth;
  • Enrich the lives of older adults;
  • Promote self-sufficiency; and
  • Ensure basic needs are met.

How are these charities and programs selected?

United Way WA eliminates the angst of choosing between competing charities. We do it for you according to a strict process of due diligence.

Our Community Partners apply for funding, then our experienced staff and volunteers review funding submissions, conduct interviews and visit agencies to assess their performance against strict criteria.

There is flexibility for our Corporate Partners to nominate the Community Partners and projects they would prefer to support.

Why should my business be involved?

Being involved with United Way WA is good for business. It builds an economic and emotional link with your local community that enhances your business reputation with clients, shareholders and stakeholders. It also helps build teams, leadership skills and staff morale, and positions you as an employer of choice.

Can I donate to United Way WA as an individual?

Of course. Anyone can donate to United Way WA. Simply, click here for details.

What will United Way WA do to make it easy for our business?

United Way WA's experienced staff provide a complete end-to-end solution. We come to your workplace and present a range of ways you can be involved and help you choose the programs most suited to your business. We then give you all the support you need, from staff training to back-office documentation. United Way makes corporate philanthropy easy.

How much time will it take?

The time commitment varies according to the individual program, but rest assured our proven systems minimise the time you need to spend on promotion, organisation and administration.

Our business is interested. What do we do next?

Contact us by email or call 9440 4800 and we will arrange for a United Way WA representative to visit you in your workplace and tailor a plan for your business.